Outdoor Decorations/Bunting

W.G.N. is the oldest company in Chicago specializing in custom decorating services. We offer professional service and dependable materials for outdoor business endeavor, put our experience to work to provide the decorating services best fitting your needs. Call us for an estimate.

Sales Lots, Service Areas, Grand Openings, Special Events

It's a fact that decorated sales areas increase sales by improving your exposure. W.G.N. offers "turn-key" installation of pennants, flags, banners and other pertinent decorations that will do the best job of calling attention to your product or service, of properly introducing your new enterprise to the community, or to make your special event special. We offer beautiful effective results.

Christmas, Special Holiday Decorating

Professional, dependable, on-time decorating to your specifications. We can probably do the job less expensively, (and more professionally), than can your own busy employees.

Mourning Drapes

For years the Chicagoland area has relied on W.G.N. for know-how in the proper installation of mourning materials. We provide mourning drapery services for churches, funeral homes, businesses, etc., with professionalism and dignity. Installation, dismantling and drapery materials are included; rental period is normally two or four weeks. Same or next day service is virtually always available.

Items: 120 of 20, per page
SKU Product name   Price  
SKU2690 36" Cotton 3-Stripe Red-White-Blue Bunting No Stars, Printed
  • $8.00
  • $420.00
SKU2606 36" Cotton 5-Stripe Red-White-Blue Bunting w/ Stars, Printed
  • $6.00
  • $300.00
SKU2607 36" Plastic 5-Stripe Red-White-Blue Bunting w/ Stars
  • $100.00
SKU2346 Black and Purple Mourning Fan
  • $43.00
SKU2347 Black and Purple Mourning Pulldown
  • $25.00
  • $30.00
SKU2613 Checkered Streamers, 60'
  • $12.00
  • $15.00
SKU2610 Metallic Foil Skirts, 60'
  • $26.50
SKU2599 Nylon Pleated 5-Stripe Half-Fan, Fully Sewn
  • $49.00
SKU2598 Nylon Pleated Fan Drape
  • $92.00
  • $108.00
SKU2601 Nylon US 50-Star Pulldown, Embroidered Stars & Sewn Stripes
  • $25.00
  • $31.00
SKU2604 Patriotic Flat w/ Stars, Printed
  • $35.00
SKU2609 Plastic Pennants, 105'
  • $12.75
SKU2602 Pleated 5-Stripe Fan No Stars
  • $28.00
  • $106.00
SKU2603 Pleated 5-Stripe Fan With Stars
  • $15.00
  • $57.00
SKU2597 Poly Pleated Americana Fan
  • $30.00
SKU2605 Poly-Cotton Economy 50-Star Pulldown
  • $19.00
SKU2596 Poly-Cotton Illusion Fan
  • $17.00
SKU2586 Rainbow Fan
  • $45.00
SKU2600 Sewn Nylon Patriotic Flat
  • $66.00
SKU2608 Sewn Strip of Cotton US Flags (4"x6" - 12"x18")
  • $15.00
  • $25.00