Custom Flags

WGN Flag & Decorating Co. specializes in producing custom flags in any size for any occasion! Whether you’re looking for 1 or 100, we can accommodate all of your custom flag needs.


Since 1916, we have prided ourselves on unmatched quality and skill when it comes to our appliqué department right here in Chicago. Appliqued flags can be produced from our variety of domestically produced nylon colors and premium threads in virtually any size imaginable. These are perfect for solid-color applications, low runs, and when beauty and quality are of the utmost importance. While not all designs are able to be sewn, we can handle detailed work that most companies would turn away. If you want a sewn custom flag, WGN’s appliquéd flags are the way to go!

Perfect For:
• Corporate Flags
• Church Flags
• Marching Flags & Banners
• School Flags
• Unit Guidons
• Indoor/Outdoor Flags
• Championship Banners
• Large Scale Flags
• Short Runs
• Boat Flags

Digitally Printed Flags

Over the past several years, digitally printed flags have become the staple of the custom flag industry. With digitally printed flags, you have almost limitless color choices to pick from and nearly unlimited detail! Digitally printed flags can be produced with any sort of gradient, fade, photo, or anything you may want or need on a flag. This application is perfect for larger runs of flags, and we can produce as few as one and as many as you need! Flags are printed on 200 denier nylon and are made 100% in the USA. Other materials are available for all of your fabric printing needs!

Perfect For:
• Large Runs or Single Prints
• Highly Detailed Flags/Banners
• Fades and Gradients
• Photo Applications on Flags
• Corporate Flags
• City & Municipal Flags
• School Graduation Class Flags
• Tradeshow Banners, Backdrops, & Flags
• Booster Flags & Banners
• Table Banners & Throws

Dyed & Silk Screened Flags

Dye and silk-screen process flags are quite common for very large scale productions. Typically, lots over 50 units can be produced via dye and silk screen process, although smaller runs can also be accommodated. These processes utilize solid color production methods especially designed for mass-quantity production. Depending on the number of colors in your design, dye and silk-screen flags and banners may be right for you!

Perfect For:
• Large Runs
• Simple Designs
• Solid, Bold Colors
• City & Municipal Flags
• Corporate Flags

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