Professional Installation

Whether it’s our flagpole, banner, sign, or someone else’s . . . we can install it! From simple jobs to complex ones, W.G.N. Flag & Decorating Company’s professional installers can do it and do it right.

Our professional installation team has the knowhow and experience to save you time and money with flagpole01the job done right the first time. We have over 95 years of experience to ensure ability, safety, and quality.  Nobody has repaired more flagpoles in the City of Chicago and its suburbs than WGN Flag & Decorating Co.!

We offer professional installation/removal on new or preexisting flagpoles, street/pole banners,
building signage, and outdoor decorations.  Car lot decorations are just one of our many specialties.  We can provide and install
all types of pennants, streamers, and metallic skirting to bring attention to your car lot or business.

We can install flagpoles of any size either in-ground or on your building. Whether you purchase the flagpole from us or get it elsewhere, we have the equipment and manpower to get the job done.

Is your flagpole in disrepair?  Ropes broken?  Pulleys jammed?  WGN Flag & Decorating Co. is your #1 source for flagpole repair in the Chicagoland area. No matter what size pole, commercial or residential, WE CAN FIX IT! Need your repair done after hours?  We can work with you to schedule your repair at the most convenient time for you to avoid downtime or interfering with your customers.  We carry a huge supply of flagpole parts to get your pole back up and running in just-like-new condition.  Don’t let your flagpole fall into disrepair; call us today to schedule regular or one- time maintenance!

fansWe now offer regular maintenance contracts on flagpoles in the entire Chicagoland area. Prevent problems before they happen, and keep from flying frayed or discolored flags. When problemsdo occur, we offer emergency assistance.  A well maintained flag and flagpole give the right message to your customers.  Call today!

Need a City of Chicago sign permit (non-electrical)?  We are licensed and bonded with the City of Chicago and can begin the process of pulling a permit to help you avoid costly fines.  Even if we did not make the sign for you, we can still work with you on securing a sign permit.


Why look anyplace else? Call for more information about our flagpole contracts/ repair service and save!

• Flagpole Installation
• Sign/Banner Installation & Removal
• Pole Banner Installation & Removal
• Professional Decorating
• Re-Roping, Re-Stringing, Re-Cabling, and General Flagpole Maintenance
• Flagpole Painting
• Flag Installation and Maintenance
• Bucket Trucks and Lifts Available